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Notarization of translated documents

At customer’s request, we provide services of  legalized translations for any kind of official documents.
The procedure of legalization:

1. The first step is the certification of the translation, which simply means that the authorized translator for the language in which the translation was made, applies the stamp and signature on the document translated. The translated document is now authorized translation.

2. Step no. 2 is the legalization of the translation in the presence of a licensed notary and the translator which made the translation and, of course, the original document upon which the translation was made.


Under the new regulations of the Chamber of Notaries regarding the certified translation, the legalization of a translation is made only on an original document in the presence of the notary. In this sense, the translation shall be attached a copy of the original documents, which will be kept in the archives of the notary office.
There can only be notarized translations of official documents, on paper, presented in the original, such as documents issued by state institutions, educational entities, companies, lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc. which are authenticated by the stamp and signature of the issuing authority. The process of notarizing the translation only certifies the authenticity of the translator's signature and stamp affixed to a document translated. The legalization process of the translation does not verify or certify the authenticity / accuracy / content of the document translated by the notary who performs legalization of the authorized document.
To streamline and accelerate the translation process, and to save time, the translated documents can be scanned and sent via email or fax and the original is presented only when delivering the translation.
Important: If you apply for a translation requiring legalization, in addition to the allocated  time required for translation, it should be taken into account the notary schedule. For this reason, if you need an estimate of the delivery deadline for a translation that requires authentication, you must have in mind that the notary offices are generally scheduled between 10.00 and 16.00, Monday to Thursday and Friday have reduced working hours . Also, during the holidays, notary offices are generally closed.
Prices legalized translations:
For this service we charge notary  fees worth of 40 lei / document, one copy and 10 lei / each copy in addition, fees which add to the total cost of the translation.
Translation languages:
- English: between 15 - 20 lei/page
- Spanish: between 15-20 lei/page
Each translation is customized according to the domain, volume, difficulty, etc., so contact us for your personalized offer.