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Authorized translations

Authorized Translations - Authorized Translator
To ensure the quality of translations is recommended to work with certified translators, especially if the documents you want to translate have official character and require subsequent authentication! Are considered official documents, the documents of  civil status / studies / auto, legislative documents, certificates and contracts of any type, etc.

Translation of official documents requires excellent knowledge of the source language and the target language.
It is not enough to know a foreign language to translate a text in a specific domain, this is why a good translator must have the ability / quality not only to fully convey the information in the target language but also to express the nuances of language without changing the meaning or content so that the translated text reflects the information exactly as in the original text.
Translation of official documents requires great accuracy in contrast to other types of translations.
Translation of official document must comply not only with grammar and syntax of the language in which they are translated, but also to be fit culturally.
In Romania the only institution empowered to authorize translators who can perform certified translations is the Ministry of Justice.
Our office works exclusively with translators who, in addition to a college diploma with specialization in foreign languages, own and authorization issued by the Ministry of Justice which certifies their ability to perform specialized translations.
Prices of translations:
- English - between 15-20 lei per page
- Spanish - between 15-20 lei per page
Translation standard page = 2000 characters plus spaces. The standard page to be translated is calculated at 2000 characters plus spaces, A4 format.  The pricing is calculated on the number of translated pages resulted  into the target language. For translations made ​​from a foreign language into another is applied the cost for each language/per page. Pricing applies to at least one page / document.

In case you need a certified translation, to the total cost of the translation the legalization cost is added, which we can provide at a price of 40 lei per document/first document and 10 lei per document/every additional copy.
In case of urgent translations, with very short deadline (several hours or same day) is applied a fee of 50% of the tariff for the translation language. In case of urgent translations with deadline for the next day early in the morning, there will be a surcharge of 30% of the price per language.

To get an accurate assessment of the cost of the translation, send the text you want to translate to our contact address, providing as many details of your requirements (the language in which the document is written and the language that the translation will be performed, format, deadline, notarization, number of copies). In establishing the total cost will be taken into account the amount of documents to be translated, the text (degree of difficulty), the language of the translation, deadline, your previous history with our translation office, etc.
You can contact us Monday - Friday, from 9 to 18, phone: +40 737 80 99 52, e-mail: contact@astraduceri.ro or you can request a quote by the "request a quotation"  option from the front page.