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As a provider of specialized service of translation, we recognize the importance of the translation process, regardless of the application. For this reason, we only work with professional translators with university studies of language or specialized and which have extensive experience in the translation field and also own a translator permit issued by the Ministry of Justice to provide quality translations at competitive prices.

AS Traduceri makes use of the latest technical resources, glossaries, specialized dictionaries and terminology sources structured on fields, computer-aided translation tools and graphics software packages for specific projects to provide only quality services with professionalism and promptness.
Currently, AS Traduceri offers specialized services of translation/retranslation at the highest standards of quality, with  professionalism and at competitive rates to / from the following languages:
- English - 15 - 20 lei/page
- Spanish - 15 - 20 lei/page
In order to provide our customers with complete solutions, the translated documents are delivered in the same format as the source document. Translations can be retrieved / delivered by various ways, agreed in advance with the customer: (e-mail), optical (CD) or on paper, authorized / certified (fax, mail).
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