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Specialized translations

AS Traduceri offers a wide  range of specialized translations to the highest quality standards at competitive prices in various areas such as:

- economic - certified translation services for accounting documents, commercial contracts, tax reporting, etc.. Economic Papers comprise in their vast majority of figures, but the additional information is also valuable, that is why, our translators familiarized with the specific terms ensure the quality and accuracy of translations for these projects so important in the business world.
- financial - banking - translations for specialized documents such as: audit reports, letters of guarantee, bank statements, lease / lending, financial documents, etc.. This documents contain a specialized language and specific terms, which requires experienced specialists appointed solely on these projects to ensure the necessary quality standards.
- legal - specialized translations for documents like contracts, powers of attorney, legal correspondence, citations, legislation, judgments, etc.. Legal translations requires special attention and a thorough knowledge of the legal system appropriate to translation language. Our translators have the ability and knowledge to perform translations in this area that require special accuracy and can meet with professionalism the terminology requirements.


- technical - certified translations of exploitation/ operating manuals, marketing and presentation materials, certificates of conformity, etc.. Specialized translations have as a main feature a very high degree of difficulty, and therefore, our translators specialize in this area and perform translations on your projects in a professional manner, maintaining the consistency of terminology providing a correct and consistent translation.
- medical - medical certificates, pharmaceutical presentations, booklets, manuals of medical equipment, etc.. Medical translations require a high degree of competence, and therefore are only performed by translators with relevant experience in this delicate area, so that the managing of documents and information, and the final result of the translation achieve the quality standards imposed by the translation process.
- IT – we provide specialized translations for websites in any field, various tutorials, manuals, support, maintenance and operation, etc.. IT domain is extremely complex and therefore it is necessary that the IT translation projects to be carried out by translators with extensive skills in software and hardware, that can professionally reproduce the specific terminology.


- commercial - translation services for contracts of various kinds, financial reports, documents of companies, tax records, etc.. This service also includes the translation of standardized documents, so all commercial translation requires translators specialized in terminology used in business.
- auto - translation services for any type of car papers, documents and marketing materials, product sheets, etc.. Compliance with specific terminology and faithful rendering of meaning are essential in providing quality translation services in this area.
- construction - translation services for design documentation, product data sheets, product catalogs, etc.. This type of translation requires specialized translation because it is a specific –terminology domain, and our translators in addition to experience, use dictionaries and glossaries of technical or specific terms to faithfully render the exact meaning of the translation in the target language.


- literary - translation services of fiction in any area, children's books, encyclopedias, etc.. This type of translation requires a large vocabulary and creative talent from the translator, in order to render all the nuances of language and details of the original text.
- human resources - translation services for labor contracts, internal regulations, privacy policy, etc.. As the human resources department ensures the smooth running of a company, translation services on human resources will help if you are a multinational with branches spread around the globe and want to preserve this aspect.
- translation of diverse documents - auto / civil status / diplomas, contracts, etc..
- specialized translations of any kind.


Moreover, we perform authorized translations, certified translations and urgent translations at the most competitive rates. Read more on our website or contact us via one of the means of contact made ​​available for detailed offer, adequate to your requests.